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Virtual Dentist Surgery


虚拟牙医手术治疗 这是一个经典游戏的牙科手术。
 它是不同于其他牙科游戏,你可以找到在今天谷歌播放。 这场比赛被发明后,有趣的游戏元素与专业牙医沟通,并提到了大量的医学参考书。
 它包含了最先进的最新医学知识和最先进的工具和方法,包括: ★★★补牙,洗牙,拔牙,义齿,牙渍清除,X射线等等。 ★★★几乎所有的牙科问题在这场比赛中都经历过。
 在这个游戏中总共有12个级别。 分别为12例患者将来到我们的牙科诊所。仔细一看,他们可能是你认识的人(名人也许?)。
 你会成为一个优秀的牙医!祝你好运!=========This is a classic game of dentist surgery game.
it is different from other dental games you can find on Google Play today. This game was invented with fun video game elements after communicating with professional dentists and referred to a large number of medical reference books.
That's being said, this is a dental learning game, it is fun and educational.
This game will teach you how to keep a charming smile with healthy teeth.
it contains the most up-to-date medical knowledge and the most advanced tools and methods including: ★★★fillings, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, denture, teeth stains removal, X-rays and many more. ★★★almost all dental problems are experienced in this game.
There are a total of 12 levels in this game. Respectively 12 patients will come to our dental clinic. Look carefully, they might be someone you recognize (celebrity maybe?).
Each patient has different dental health condition. You will need to complete treatments to each of them in a specific time. If your medical skill is not good enough, and your operating score is too low, your patient will not be satisfied with your service. Thus, you will not be able to pass to the next level.
You will becoming an excellent dentist! Good luck!
★★★The most professional and comprehensive dental game on Google Play.
★★★Using 3D Max software to design the oral model in 3D, fun and interesting.
★★★Professional medical sound effects as if you are at the dental clinic immersively. ★★★All the dental tools are designed with real medical tools as reference.